Radiologist Schedules
Call Schedule - All after hours calls should be directed to 454-5641.
The appropriate radiologist will then be contacted.
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Daily RAD Schedule - FINALIZED
November 20, 2017 - November 26, 2017

CPRMC - AM 730-1130Willis, JWillis, JWillis, J Lieberman, R  
CPRMC - FD 730-430Willis, JWillis, JWillis, J Lieberman, R  
Dell Children's IR - AMBaker, JBanks, BBanks, B Baker, J  
Dell Children's IR - Full Day 8-5Baker, JBanks, BBanks, B Baker, J  
Dell Children's Neuro - AMLeake, DKlysik, MRichards, C    
Dell Children's Neuro - Full Day 8-5Leake, DKlysik, MRichards, C    
Dell Children's Pedi - AMBanks, BBaker, JBaker, J    
Dell Children's Pedi - Full Day 8-5Banks, BBaker, JBaker, J    
DSMCUT Body - AMShademan, ASalinas, AShademan, A Winsett, M  
DSMCUT Body - Full Day 8-5Shademan, ASalinas, AShademan, A Winsett, M  
DSMCUT Interventional - AMStahl, CStahl, CRanjithan, M    
DSMCUT Interventional - Full Day 8-5Stahl, CStahl, CRanjithan, M    
DSMCUT Neuro - AMKlysik, MSchmidt, RLeake, D    
DSMCUT Neuro - Full Day 8-5Klysik, M Leake, D    
DSMCUT Neuro - PM Richards, C     
Georgetown Body - AM 730-1130Ranjithan, MBarkley, JJohnson, C Johnson, C  
Georgetown Body - PM 1230-4:30Ranjithan, MBarkley, JJohnson, C Johnson, C  
Heart Hospital - AMRodriguez, WSwanson, CHarper, M    
Heart Hospital - Full Day 8-5Rodriguez, WSwanson, CHarper, M    
NAMC Body - AMJohnson, CAzizad, SMurray, M Willis, J  
NAMC Body - Full Day 8-5Johnson, CAzizad, SMurray, M Willis, J  
NAMC IR - AMMcLoughlin, IDutton, NQuintana, D    
NAMC IR - Full Day 8-5McLoughlin, IDutton, NQuintana, D    
Neuro Interventional Surgeon - AMConrad, KConrad, KRutledge, N Conrad, K  
Neuro Interventional Surgeon - Full Day 8-5Conrad, KConrad, KRutledge, N Conrad, K  
NIS - Seton CoverageConrad, KConrad, KRutledge, NConrad, KConrad, K  
Round Rock Body - AM 730-1130Trevino, ATrevino, ATrevino, A Murray, M  
Round Rock Body - FD 730-430Trevino, ATrevino, ATrevino, A Murray, M  
Round Rock IR - AM 730-1130Ornelas, JLieberman, RMcLoughlin, I    
Round Rock IR - FD 730-430Ornelas, JLieberman, R     
Round Rock IR - PM 1230-430  McLoughlin, I    
SAMC Body - AMHooten, JHooten, JHooten, J    
SAMC Body - Full Day 8-5Hooten, JHooten, JHooten, J    
SAMC Interventional - AMWilliamson, AWilliamson, AWilliamson, A Williamson, A  
SAMC Interventional - Full Day 8-5    Williamson, A  
SAMC Interventional - PMWilliamson, AWilliamson, AWilliamson, A    
Seton EBD - AM 9-12 Chia, F     
Seton Hays IR - 8 AMDutton, NQuintana, DDutton, N Stahl, C  
Seton Hays IR - FD 8-430Dutton, NQuintana, DDutton, N Stahl, C  
Seton Highland Lakes - AM 9-12 Winsett, MWinsett, M    
Seton Highland Lakes - PM 1-4 Winsett, MWinsett, M    
Seton Main CT - AMWilliams, JWilliams, JWilliams, J Williams, J  
Seton Main CT - Full Day 8-5Williams, JWilliams, JWilliams, J Williams, J  
Seton Main Mammo - AMGallagher, PKhanna, NKhanna, N    
Seton Main Neuro - AMAuler, MAlam, TAlam, T Kini, J  
Seton Main Neuro - Full Day 8-5Auler, MAlam, TAlam, T Kini, J  
Seton Main Vasc - AMLieberman, RMcLoughlin, IOrnelas, J    
Seton Main Vasc - Full Day 8-5Lieberman, RMcLoughlin, IOrnelas, J    
Seton Marble Falls - AM 9-12Winsett, M      
Seton Marble Falls - PM 1-4Winsett, M      
Seton Northwest - AMShah, SShah, SButschek, C Thaver, G  
Seton Northwest - Full Day 8-5Shah, SShah, SButschek, C Thaver, G  
Seton Southwest - AMAzizad, S Stahl, C    
Seton Southwest - Full Day 8-5Azizad, S Stahl, C    
Seton Williamson - AM 730-1130Manning, JManning, JLieberman, R Pfeifer, M  
Seton Williamson - FD 730-430Manning, JManning, JLieberman, R    
Seton Williamson - PM 1230-4:30    Pfeifer, M  
Smithville Hospital - AM 9-12Chia, F      
Smithville Hospital - PM 1-4Chia, FChia, F     
St. David's Body - AMBarkley, JQueralt, YQueralt, Y Wood, J  
St. David's Body - Full Day 8-5Barkley, JQueralt, YQueralt, Y Wood, J  
St. David's Interventional - AMQuintana, DHsu, CHsu, C    
St. David's Interventional - Full Day 8-5Quintana, D      
St. David's Interventional - PM Hsu, CHsu, C    
St. David's Mammo - PMAschenbeck, RSaravanan, AAvery, S    
St. David's Neuro - AMMasaryk, AMasaryk, AMasaryk, A Masaryk, A  
St. David's Neuro - Full Day 8-5Masaryk, AMasaryk, AMasaryk, A Masaryk, A  
St. David's Surgical Hospital - AMQueralt, YMurray, MShah, S    
St. David's Surgical Hospital - Full Day 8-5Queralt, YMurray, MShah, S    
ADC Mammo - AMMichel, AMichel, AMichel, A    
ADC Mammo - Full Day 8-5Michel, A Michel, A    
ADC Mammo - PM Gallagher, P     
ADC Mesa Neuro - AMFeldman, DFeldman, DFeldman, D    
ADC Mesa Neuro - Full Day 8-5Feldman, DFeldman, DFeldman, D    
ARC Enterprise - AMTrubek, SJohnson, CLongenecker, L    
ARC Enterprise - Full Day 8-5Trubek, SJohnson, CLongenecker, L    
Austin Center Boulevard Neuro - AMAlam, TWitwer, GSchmidt, R    
Austin Center Boulevard Neuro - Full Day 8-5Alam, TWitwer, GSchmidt, R    
Austin Regional Clinic - AM    Manning, J  
Austin Regional Clinic - Full Day 8-5    Manning, J  
Body MR Enterprise - AMBloom, DBloom, DBloom, D    
Body MR Enterprise - Full Day 8-5Bloom, DBloom, DBloom, D    
Children's Imaging Center - AMLonergan, GLonergan, GLonergan, G    
Children's Imaging Center - Full Day 8-5Lonergan, GLonergan, GLonergan, G    
CPRMC Outpatient - AM 730-1130Thaver, GLeahy, JSubedi, S    
CPRMC Outpatient - FD 730-430Thaver, GLeahy, JSubedi, S    
Enterprise 1 - AM Wood, J     
Enterprise 1 - Full Day 8-5 Wood, J     
Georgetown Neuro - AMMcLelland, MHassibi, SMcLelland, M    
Georgetown Neuro - Full Day 8-5McLelland, MHassibi, SMcLelland, M    
HCA Neuro Enterprise - AMMireur, JAldred, BAuler, M    
HCA Neuro Enterprise - Full Day 8-5 Aldred, BAuler, M    
HCA Neuro Enterprise - PMMireur, J      
Kyle - AMNguyen(M), MButschek, CGallagher, P    
Kyle - PM 1-4:30Nguyen(M), MButschek, CGallagher, P    
Medical Park Tower 118 - AMDale, JHarper, MSwanson, C    
Medical Park Tower 118 - Full Day 8-5Dale, JHarper, MSwanson, C    
Midtown Interventional - AMHsu, COrnelas, JManning, J    
Midtown Interventional - Full Day 8-5Hsu, COrnelas, JManning, J    
Midtown PET - AM 9-12Leahy, JSpiridonov, SLeahy, J    
Midtown PET - FD 9-6Leahy, JSpiridonov, SLeahy, J    
MSK Enterprise - AMHarper, MRodriguez, WDale, J    
MSK Enterprise - Full Day 8-5Harper, MRodriguez, WDale, J    
MSK Enterprise 2 - AMSwanson, CLongenecker, LWood, J    
MSK Enterprise 2 - Full Day 8-5Swanson, CLongenecker, LWood, J    
Neuro Enterprise - AMSchmidt, RMcLelland, MKini, J    
Neuro Enterprise - Full Day 8-5Schmidt, RMcLelland, MKini, J    
PET - AM 8-1Subedi, STrubek, SThaver, G    
PET - FD 8-5Subedi, STrubek, SThaver, G    
Quarry Lake Body - AMSalinas, AShademan, ASalinas, A    
Quarry Lake Body - Full Day 8-5Salinas, AShademan, ASalinas, A    
Rock Creek Plaza Body - AMWood, JSubedi, SSpiridonov, S    
Rock Creek Plaza Body - Full Day 8-5Wood, JSubedi, SSpiridonov, S    
San Marcos - 8 AMMurray, MThaver, GAzizad, S    
San Marcos - PM 1-4Murray, MThaver, GAzizad, S    
Southwood Neuro - AMAldred, BMireur, JKlysik, M    
Southwood Neuro - Full Day 8-5Aldred, BMireur, JKlysik, M    
TOPA - AMPrice, SGallagher, PTrubek, S    
TOPA - Full Day 8-5  Trubek, S    
TOPA - PMButschek, CMichel, A     
Village Neuro - AMShaw, DShaw, DHassibi, S    
Village Neuro - Full Day 8-5Shaw, DShaw, DHassibi, S    
Westlake Mammo - AMAvery, SAgatston, SAgatston, S    
Westlake Mammo - Full Day 8-5Avery, SAgatston, SAgatston, S    
Westlake MSK - AMLongenecker, LDale, JRodriguez, W    
Westlake MSK - Full Day 8-5Longenecker, LDale, JRodriguez, W    
WIC Central Biopsy - AMButschek, CAschenbeck, RPrice, S    
WIC Central Biopsy - PM>Gallagher, PKhanna, NKhanna, N    
WIC Central Diagnostic - AMAschenbeck, RSaravanan, AAvery, S    
WIC Central Diagnostic - PM>Price, SAschenbeck, RPrice, S    
William Cannon Neuro - AMWitwer, GAuler, MShaw, D    
William Cannon Neuro - Full Day 8-5Witwer, GAuler, MShaw, D    
Wilson Parke Neuro - AMFarhataziz, NFarhataziz, NAldred, B    
Wilson Parke Neuro - Full Day 8-5Farhataziz, NFarhataziz, NAldred, B    
WIN 1 - AM 730-1130Saravanan, ANguyen(M), MNguyen(M), M    
WIN 1 - PM 1230-4:30Saravanan, ANguyen(M), MNguyen(M), M    
WIN 2 - AMKhanna, NPrice, SSaravanan, A    
WIN 2 - Full Day 8-5Khanna, NPrice, SSaravanan, A    
*NAMC - 8a-4p   Butschek, C Butschek, CButschek, C
*SAMC - 8a-4p   Gallagher, P Gallagher, PGallagher, P
*Seton - 8a-4p   Harper, M Harper, MHarper, M
*St Davids - 8a-4p   Bloom, D Bloom, DBloom, D
Interventional Rad 1 - Procedure CallPassanante, GPassanante, GQuintana, DQuintana, DQuintana, DQuintana, DQuintana, D
Interventional Rad 2 - Interventional CallMcLoughlin, IMcLoughlin, IMcLoughlin, IManning, JManning, JManning, JManning, J
NIS Call - Neuro Interventional CallConrad, KConrad, KRutledge, NConrad, KConrad, KConrad, KConrad, K
NIS Call - NIS Box Shift 11a-3p   Conrad, K Conrad, KConrad, K
NIS Call - NIS Seton CallConrad, KConrad, KRutledge, NConrad, KConrad, KConrad, KConrad, K